Bra Myths that you have believed your entire Life- Part 1

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Bra Myths that you have believed your entire Life- Part 1: We live in an era when men and women have equal statuses everywhere. Still why do we consider Breasts as a taboo subject is beyond my mind. Because we don’t talk about them much, we tend to believe in whatever we are told or whatever we hear. I wrote an article on how to buy or select a bra online and we got some emails with questions. We don’t even ask many questions face to face when it comes to topics like these generally. Overtime, there are a lot of misconceptions or myths that have laid a strong foundation amongst us. I am going to list out some myths which must never ever be believed.

How select the perfect Bra while shopping online

Bra Myths that you have believed your entire Life- Part 1

1. Not Wearing a Bra makes Breasts Saggy

This is probably the biggest myth which almost everyone all over the world believes in. Trust me guys this is NOT True. Wearing a bra holds the breasts up in shape but even if you don’t wear a bra your breasts are not going to miraculously hang down. There are muscles in the body known as pectoral muscles which are responsible for holding the breasts. By wearing a bra, you are not going to make it stronger or weaker. Sagging of breasts is a age related phenomenon. Let’s see what experts have to say –

“There’s no scientific evidence that wearing a bra or not wearing a bra will make a difference with what happens to your breasts over time,” said Dr. Amber A. Guth, breast surgeon and an associate professor of surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. “A lot of drooping and dropping happens mainly because of pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding.”

2. Sleeping with Bra on will keep the boobs perky

Sleeping with a bra on is only uncomfortable. There are no scientific evidence which support this myth. An assistant professor at NYU Langone Medical Center and breast surgeon Deborah Axelrod, M.D., said that sleeping in a bra doesn’t make breasts firmer, nor does it confer any other special benefits. It will just be uncomfortable.

3. Underwired Bras cause Breast Cancer

This is completely absurd. Cancer is caused by mutation when the DNA of cells is altered. Its mostly genetic. Wearing an underwired bra is not going to force your cell’s DNA to mutate.

4. Training Bras or Sports Bras increase Breast Size

Training or sports bras are designed in such a way that they can support the breasts and prevent any discomfort while doing exercises like running, jumping etc. They are not going to increase the breast size. Breast size is a genetic thing. Nothing but cosmetic surgery or breast implants can enhance the size of the breasts.

5. You must Never wash your Bras in a Washing Machine

It depends on what kind of bra it is. If the bra is made of a delicate material like silk, you must hand wash it because machine will mess up the fabric. However if you are washing a cotton bra, its perfectly okay to machine wash it. Just make sure the washing machine is set to use “Cold Water” since hot water makes the elastics of the bra loose their stretchiness.

I will be doing a part 2 of this soon, stay tuned 🙂

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