Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches

Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches: Hey guys, so Nykaa launched their new Gel Eyeliner last year. I actually bought it the first day it was launched. That day they had a 10% launch offer. However, that one I had to give to one of my cousins for some reason. Well I got it again recently and I have been using the eyeliner on and off since a couple of months now. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with the applicator provided with it to be honest. Well, let’s talk about the details below.

Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches

Claims for Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black

Nykaa Gel Eyeliner’s new and improved formula is packed with skin care ingredients. From Bisabolol that acts as an anti-irritant for your eyes to tomato fruit extracts which hydrate your skin, and Vitamin E that reduces the appearance of fine lines and leaves your eyelids feeling firm and tight. This intensely pigmented gel glides on smoothly and has serious staying power, while nourishing your eyes. The smudgeproof, waterproof formula can be used to create a precise line, an artistic cat eye or make a bold statement. It comes with a silicon brush for accurate application. So dip in and strike for that fresh, just applied look all day long.

Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches info

How to Use Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black

There are no written specifics on the website. However, if you goto Nykaa’s website they have a pictorial about how to draw a winged eyeliner with this.

Ingredients in Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black

Not mentioned on the website, or on the product anywhere.

Price of Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black

₹575.00 for 3.5 g (currently it is at a 20% discount)

Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches packaging

In Detail Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches and My Experience

The Nykaa Gel Eyeliner is currently available in just one shade i.e. jet black. It comes in a little glass tub with a black screw cap. Pretty standard for a gel eyeliner i’d say. However the little pink silicon tip brush(?) applicator is unlike anything else in the market. This was one reason why I was really looking forward to using this- May be this will change the eyeliner game forever!

So lets address the main highlight first. The silicon tip brush. When I used it the first time, I hated it. I mean it was just difficult to use. Its bendy at its base but not along its length like normal brushes. So honestly, it gave me a hard time trying to apply my usual winged eyeliner with it.

However, I did not give up because some youtube influencers kept raving about it on and on. So as I kept on using it, I kind of developed the hang of it. Basically how I got it to work was – I just made sure that the tip is only used for lining or outlining the eyeliner. For filling, I can use the length of it, but even then I prefer the tip. But throughout, you got to be really really careful and precise!

So I feel it definitely has a learning curve. Once I got used to it, I began to not hate it as much as I did the first time. In fact, I kind of like it now. But still, I will be honest, I do not reach for it regularly. I rather use my normal eyeliner brush. (Did you know, the really fine watercolour brushes are some of the best brushes you can use for eyeliners!)

On the bright side, this silicon brush makes sure that you don’t waste any product. (Normal brushes do tend to absorb some product) In addition, the tip ensures that you can make your wing really sharp once you learn how to use it properly. Also, if you find it easy to use, you may actually like it more than brush eyeliners.

Now let us talk about the actual product which is the eyeliner. It is quite nice actually. Has a really jet black colour to it like it claims. It maintains the intensity of the colour throughout the wear time which is great! It sets into a beautiful matte finish.

I don’t usually have oily eyelids unless I am in a hot and humid environment. Normally, my eyelids are neither dry nor oily. Eyeliners tend to last pretty decent on me. So I expected this to last close to 12 hours as it claims!

Well this literally stayed intact on my eyes for 10 hours once. Mostly I remove eyeliners after 7-8 hours. So this is one of the most long lasting eyeliners available in the Indian market for sure.

Its claims of being smudge proof is also true. Unless of course someone rubs it vigorously, it won’t smudge under normal circumstances on the eyes. Another delightful quality this eyeliner has is being waterproof. I mean, if you happen to walk into rain, this won’t rub off easily unless again if someone rubs the eyes too much.

On oily lids however the longevity wouldn’t be as much because of course oiliness decreases the longevity of most products on the skin. But that wouldn’t really be a con now I feel.

It has a really nice consistency for a gel liner. Not too creamy or thin. Just enough so that you can draw yourself a cool wing and work around it for a bit. But I’d say work with it fast because once it sets, it sets good.

Overall I’d say I really like this eyeliner. It is very comparable to the Maybelline gel eyeliner. However I also feel that Nykaa one has a bit of edge over it. If you do happen to try it out, or if you have tried it, please share your experience with it in the comments section below.

The only thing I do not like about the product is the lack of information about the actual ingredients. They have mentioned highlight ingredients but that’s not all for me. I really like to know everything whats there in the product that I use. I wonder when will the day come when Indian makeup brands start putting all the ingredients list officially on the products as well as on the website.

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Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches MBF
Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches silicon brush applicator
Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches Astha mbf
Nykaa Gel Eyeliner Jet Black Review, Swatches Astha MBF Easy Graphic Eyeliner

PROs of Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black

  1. Jet black like its name.
  2. Long staying.
  3. Doesn’t smudge easily.
  4. Pretty water-proof.
  5. Once you learn to use the silicon tip applicator, it becomes easier to use it.
  6. Sets into a beautiful matte finish.

CONs of Nykaa Black Magic Gel Eyeliner Jet Black

  1. No ingredients list available.

MBF Advises

Don’t apply too much pressure tugging or pulling type while washing the silicon applicator because my silicon tip got literally pulled out one time. So apply normal gentle pressure while washing it.

You can remove the eyeliner using any decent oil based makeup remover or a nice micellar water. Make sure you don’t pull or tug your lids a lot. Let the cotton pad soaked in remover sit on the eyeliner for a minute if you have to, but don’t be harsh on your eye area.

Nykaa gel eyeliner is often on a discount. I have seen a 20% off very very often. But sometimes during sale events, they have gone upto 25%. So grab it during offers if you want to save some money.

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