Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review

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Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review: Hey guys, lets talk hair oils today. Kriti from Sattva herbals contacted me about a couple of months back introducing her brand. I loved the concept behind her brand. Her mother actually formulated this oil with her own secret recipe. Now that I have used this oil for about over a month, I am going to share my experience with it.

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review

About Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil

The vital breath of nourishment for strength, grandeur, longevity and radiant youth of your hair. Crafted with natural ingredients, its regular use reduces hair fall, greying and dandruff, and stimulates growth of smooth and lustrous hair. Ingredients- Concoction of 35 rare herbs including Jatamansi, Nagar Motha, Baheda, Ashvagandha and Bhringraj with organic amla, almond, coconut, black sesame, lavender, olives and castor oil.

  • Contains ingredient known to grow hair.
  • Contains ingredient known to stop greying.
  • Reduces Hair fall.
  • 100% Natural Ayurveda. Homemade Product.

How to Use Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil

Apply the oil gently on roots and length of your hair. Do not massage into scalp for more than 4 minutes and leave it on for at least an hour for best results. Use every time before hair wash.

Ingredients in Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review Ingredients

Price of Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil

₹ 499.00 for 100 mL

In Detail Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review, Swatches and My Experience

Sattva hair oil comes in an amber coloured plastic bottle. The design is rather simplistic. I love the fact that the details on the bottle are precise and to the point. It has a flip open top. There a little thank you note from the maker “Ms. Sunita” for the consumers. It adds a slight personal touch to the product.

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review Sunita

When I smelled it, it was strong. My husband actually described it as “mango pickle smell” (which he loves). The oil is dark in colour. It has a moderate consistency. Definitely not a thick oil. Hence it won’t solidify in cold temperatures I guess.

How I Use it

I have long hair. So the quantity of oil I need for my hair is usually slightly more than average. I like to first give a soft hand oil massage on my scalp. Make sure to be gentle while massaging softly. Never be harsh or rub the oil on scalp as it may disrupt the hair roots. After I am done applying oil on my scalp, I spread the oil on my palms and apply it on my hair lengths. Again, do not rub the hair in between the palms. Be gentle yet make sure you cover all the hair strands.

I keep the oil in my hair mostly overnight. But sometimes when I can’t do my overnight hair oil treatment, I make sure I oil my hair at least half an hour before washing.


Sattva herbals vitality hair elixir oil nourishes my hair very well. It has helped reduce frizz in my hair. As far as hair fall is concerned, I can say I have noticed a slight difference. My hair fall has reduced a little bit. There wasn’t a dramatic reduction but I am happy that a natural product is able to reduce my hair fall. Apart from this, my hair growth has been satisfactory. Again, I will need to use this for another 2-3 months to make a super sure decision if it increases the speed with which my hair grows.

Another important aspect about this hair elixir is its texture. Its not super sticky and does not feel extremely greasy. So it feels lighter on the hair even if I am more generous with the amount of oil I use.

Overall Verdict

I always appreciate natural products especially when it comes to skin care and hair care. Even more amazing thing about this oil is the fact that its made by an Indian woman using her own special recipe. It is able to deliver results without doing any harm. May be this looks a little costly, but looking at the amount of effort and number of special ingredients, one may say that the price is somewhat justified.

This hair oil would suit almost all hair types I feel. I suggest doing an overnight oil treatment with this. This way all the ingredients in this oil are able to deliver their goodness properly. Lastly, please do not forget to share your experiences if you have tried out this oil. 🙂

More Photos, Swatches

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review MBF Blog

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review details

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review MBF

Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil Review Swatches

PROs of Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil

1. Simplistic yet informative packaging.
2. Made of all natural ingredients.
3. Not super sticky or greasy.
4. Does not feel very heavy on the hair.
5. Nourishes my hair nicely.
6. Has slightly reduced my hair fall.
7. Helps with hair growth.
8. Made with love using a special recipe by a lovely lady.

CONs of Sattva Hair Vitality Elixir Ayurvedic Oil

1. The smell may not be your favourite if you don’t like herbal smelling products.
2. Slightly costly may be.

MBF Advises

1. Never apply hair oil on dirty hair or else you might face increased hair fall while oiling.
2. Allow any hair oil to stay in your hair for at least half to one hour. This helps the ingredients to work properly.
3. Oil your hair at least twice a week to ensure good health of your hair.

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