What is a Fertility Clinic? How do they cure Infertility?

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What is a Fertility Clinic? How do they cure Infertility?

Before we begin talking about this topic, let me just say that infertility is not something uncommon. It is not a disease and definitely not something one should be shy of. Most often the causes of infertility are easily treatable. In general, as a woman ages and passes 35 years of age, her chances of a successful pregnancy go down as compared to younger women. Risk of miscarriage are more in women of age more than 35 years.

All About fertility clinic

Now, a woman goes to a gynaecologist who runs some tests, checks the hormone levels, records basal body temperature for a few months. The man or the husband goes to a urologist to get the check up done. Wouldn’t it be easier if one can get both these specialists under a single roof with a better co-ordination? Imagine if it was a single doctor who could be performing both the tests, there would be better communication and understanding. This is where Fertility clinics come in role. They give you a wholesome idea, an integrated advice. The facilities are better targeted.

Who should Get an Infertility analysis done?

  • Women over the age of 35 with a history of 3 or more miscarriage
  • Men with poor semen analysis
  • Couples who have tried for 2 years without a successful pregnancy

should consider seeing a specialist. You can find these specialists at centres called as Fertility Centres or Fertility Hospitals. For eg Fertility hospitals in Bangalore

What exactly do they do at Fertility Clinics?

First and the foremost, they will run some tests and tell you exactly where the problem lies. You will be evaluated and the doctor will then discuss the proper management plans with you.

Female Infertility Treatment Options

Medicines to increase the chances of conception

These medicines are given during special times in a month or in cycles to increase the chances of conception. They are basically optimising the hormone levels for maximum chances of conception. These can be used alone or can be couples with other methods. Mostly they stimulate ovulation. These medicines can be hormonal or non hormonal.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques

We normally call them as ART in medicine. These are not a new concept, but with developing technology, the success rates have gone up. To name a few of these techniques,

In Vitro Fertilisation IVF
IntraUterine Insemination IUI
Gamete Intrafallopian transfer GIFT
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSI

These are available at a lot of cities specially the metropolitan cities like IVF Clinics in Bangalore. There are numberous methods available, your doctor will tell the best one for you.

Surgical Techniques

Minor surgical options can be considered when the doctor feels that these procedures can maximize the chances.

Fertility Clinics

Male Infertility Treatment Options

There are more than a dozen causes for male infertility including smoking and tobacco consumption. It can also be another simple problem, so an infertility clinic can provide counselling for the available management options. Again the management option in males include medical, surgical and assisted techniques.

Medical Management

If the cause demands a medical management, your doctor will give you the proper advice. It could again be hormonal or non hormonal.

Assisted Techniques

It involves obtaining healthy gametes from the partner. These are always integrated techniques, as in the techniques involve the participation of both the partners.

Surgical Techniques

If I talk about some surgical causes such as varicocele, a non medic may not understand what exactly I am referring to, but let me tell you it is condition which requires a simple procedure. Similarly, there can be other causes which can be treated with simple techniques.

Fertility centre India

A few things to remember before going to a Fertility Clinic

  • Always ask questions
  • Clear all your doubts. Your doctor will explain everything.
  • Do not be shy while speaking to a specialist, may be its a simple concern to you but that can be the main cause behind your problem, so always tell your specialist everything.
  • Explore your options
  • Discuss with your partner
  • Follow up as and when your doctor asks you to
  • Try discovering fertility support groups. Ask your doctor about them. 🙂

Where do I find a Fertility Clinic?

There are a lot of fertility clinics coming up these days. Mostly in the developed cities like Fertility Clinics in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc. You may contact your gynaecologist who can direct you to the best one available.

If you have any more questions and doubts, please leave them as comments below and I shall answer them as and when possible. 🙂

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