My Hair Care Routine and a little story :)

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My Hair Care Routine and a little story 🙂
My Hair Care Routine and a little story MBF
Hi my lovely viewers! 
I have been wanting to do this post for quite a while now. When it comes to my hair, I am very obsessed about them. I have had long hair since I was a kid, probably because my mother wanted me to have long hair. She took so good care of my hair, my relatives could not stop complementing. She would oil my hair and make two braids which back then I thought looked so silly, but now when I look my pictures, well they looked kind of nice 🙂
But then came the teenage, and I fell prey to it 🙁  I was studying in a residential school, I cut my hair really short something similar to “pixie cut”. Because I was a basketball player back in school, I used to be playing out in the sun for long hours. My hair became fried in the sun. My hair lost lusture and became extremely dull. 
As I came to 10th standard, and I saw my friends and cousins having nice long hair, I started missing my old long and soft hair. Not to mention my mother’s continuous rumbling about it. 
I then decided that I am going to make it all right. I looked up on the internet for various stuff to do your hair to make them big long and strong. You won’t believe people have some crazy recipes for your hair 😛  I actually started mixing ingredients in the kitchen like I am a Kitchen scientist 😀   I tried almost everything I could find out there. But guys, it is hair, it will grow at its own pace. You can’t make it grow overnight. However, we can enhance its growth by taking care of it. 
I was kind of depressed because I needed fast results and I was an impatient child. Then came my Nani ma (My maternal grandmother). She told me some super easy tricks, and I cannot thank her enough. Most of the things that I do to my hair now are either taught to me by my Nani ma or my mother. 
By the end of class 11th, I had my hair uptil my belly button. My hair is naturally light black in colour, moderate thickness, and wavy type. I have dry to normal hair. Since then, I love taking care of my hair. 
Once you get used to taking care of your hair, it is not that hard. I know it might seem a little cumbersome in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will actually enjoy it. Not to mention the awesome compliments 🙂 
Through my blog, as I write, I am going to share my experiences with different products. I am going to tell you how I took care of my hair and I literally salvaged them. I have suffered from as many hair problems as any other girl, and trust me, it’s okay. Don’t panic. Just start taking care of your hair in a right way and they will be beautiful 🙂
People often tell me, that it is genetics. I have good hair because my mom does. But I hate to say it, you can’t expect a sapling to grow if you don’t water it. Don’t use genetics as your excuse. There are a lot of good things that you can do to your hair and improve them. 
Having said that, a part of my life, my sort of little hair story, I am now going to tell you guys about my Current Hair Care Routine. 
My Hair Care Routine MBF
As you will see, I have a quite simple routine, but everything I use has worked amazing for my hair.
I oil my hair once or twice every week. I have already explained it before. If you haven’t seen it, you can now go through the details of how I oil my hair by clicking “HERE” 
I keep the oil in my hair overnight usually, or sometimes when I in a hurry, I would just keep oil in my hair for about an hour or two.
Coming to the other products that I have been using currently, 

1. TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Glossing Shampoo and Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Calming Conditioner

TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Glossing Shampoo and Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Calming Conditioner MBF
I have two big bottles of these pretty babies. Yes, each bottle is 750 ml. I got this particular range of products basically because it is sulfate free and has the goodness of many natural ingredients in it. It has Bamboo, Dragonfruit, Japanese Honeysuckle, Lychee and many more good stuff. It is safe for everyday usage. This range is TIGI’s newest and the most high end as of now. Let me give you my two cents about the smell. Guys, this is literally the best smelling stuff for your hair available out there. I would describe the smell as sweet and sexy ♥  The smell stays put in my hair for a couple of days and I feel that is super awesome! 🙂  I really like the fact that they come with a pump dispenser, it makes things so much easier in the shower when your hands are all soapy.
Now, Speaking of the shampoo, it effectively cleanses my hair. I initially thought it wont, because it has honey and lychee like sweet stuff in it, but then, I was wrong. This shampoo actually proved to be super amazing!! I mean, it cleanses my hair, removes the oiliness and doesn’t leave my hair too dry. It does not cause hair fall. It gets rid of frizz as well. Although it is a sulfate free shampoo, it lathers amazingly well. Overall, I have been super happy with this range. 
The conditioner is rather thick in consistency, something comparable to hair masques. It smells super amazing. I need around 2-3 pumps of it. I like to put this on my hair and let it sit for around 10-15 minutes till I am done with other things. This stuff works amazing for controlling frizz in your hair. It gives that lovely subtle shininess to your hair which you will absolutely fall in love with. One more thing, my hair must really love this stuff, because it gets absorbed in my hair really fast!! 
TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Glossing Shampoo and Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Calming Conditioner
Overall, I highly recommed this range to those of you who haven’t tried them before. They are also available in smeller bottles. Try them before you buy it. Each of them costed me around 18-20 pounds. That would be somewhere around 1800 to 2000 bucks, but then, this was for the biggest sizes available. 

2. Burt’s Bees Very Volumising Shampoo with pomegranate

Burt's Bees Very Volumising Shampoo with pomegranate MBF
Coming to another shampoo that I have been loving, it is the burt’s bees very volumising shampoo. It has pomegranate in it, how awesome! This smells really fruity and nice. This is rather a milder shampoo. I use this on the days when my hair needs washing, and I feel I need to retain as much moisture in my hair as I can. It is 99.6 % natural. It is sulfate free, paraben free and has all natural stuff in it. The consistency of the shampoo is semi gel to creamy. Also, it does not lather a lot. So, don’t worry, still it is cleaning your hair. It leaves my hair really soft and nourished. I really enjoy using this once in a while. 

3. Matrix Hydra Creme Intense Moisture Masque

Matrix Hydra Creme Intense Moisture Masque MBF
I love matrix hair products. Specially their hair masques. This one is my all time favourite. It really quenches the thirst of my hair and makes them super soft and hydrated. It really works on the ends of my hair. I like to use this once a week. I keep it in my hair for 15-20 minutes at max and it works amazing. You guys need to try this. It is very economical and is widely available everywhere. I specially recommend this to ladies with dry or normal to dry hair. 

4. Suave Kids Morning Hair Tamer

Suave Kids Morning Hair Tamer MBF
Well speaking of hair detanglers, they are a long hair girl’s best friend!! 
My mom used to use this on me when I was a kid. I did lose touch with it for quite sometime but now I have rediscovered my love for it. It is an awesome detangler. Yes, you need not be a kid to use this, and yes, if you have a daughter, you can use this for her. For those of you haven’t used a hair detangled before, you need to try this. It is a blessing. It would decrease the hair fall to a very great extent!!

5. Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment 

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment MBF
I have raved about this endlessly on my blog. I love everything from this range. I love their hair masque that I have reviewed “HERE“. I love love love this healing oil. I use this as a hair serum and I cannot have enough of it. I have like 2-3 bottles of it stocked up already!! 😀  This makes my hair really soft and shiny. This is one of my all time favourite hair products. My mother and my friends love it too! 
So friends, that was my hair care routine, if you have used any of these, let me know your experience in the comments below. 🙂
Also, I would love to hear parts of your hair story 🙂 
Till then, stay gorgeous 
Ashu 🙂 

21 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine and a little story :)”

  1. I want that hair de-tangler , where can we get it ?
    macadamia been in my list for long..matrix being comparatively cheap gonna be in this weekend purchase 😀
    Nice review ! Anything related to hair care is totally hooking me up these days !

    • My mom got this for me from abroad, she keeps travelling. I think you can get this from ebay.
      Macadamia is indeed amazing! Now that it is available in India, you can for sure give it a try!!
      Thanks so much sweety!! I hope I can bring us some more useful stuff for you and all my wonderful viewers!! <3 :X

  2. Will definitely try this. I have used The Body Shop products and eve Tresseme Keratin range is working well for my super bleached ombre hair. Macadamia has its set of raves that need to be tried!
    Only product of TIGI Catwalk I tried is the hairspray and it is awesome!

  3. awesome post, was looking for something of this kind for my hairs too…nice guide for me:-)
    can pls help me on how to maintain the natural curls or products for them?


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