Hedonista Argan Shampoo Review

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Hedonista Argan Shampoo Review: Hey guys, let’s talk hair care today. I always use sulphate free shampoos on a regular basis and there aren’t enough options in the Indian market for sulphate free shampoos. However, I came across this brand called Hedonista about a month back and I purchased a bunch of things from them. I had heard a friend rave about this quite sometime back, and I really wanted to give this a try. It was an amazing discovery I must say because I have been loving their stuff. I will review the products that I got from them in upcoming few days. Starting with the shampoo today, let’s explore more about this shampoo as well as learn about my experience with it.

Hedonista Argan Shampoo Review

About Hedonista Argan Shampoo

Hedonista Argan Shampoo is an all natural shampoo with no harmful chemicals. Infused with Argan oil which reduces hair fall and split ends, the Argan Shampoo makes your hair healthy and shiny. You might experience dryness in your hair after the first few washes if you are using a sulphate free shampoo for the first time. This happens as chemicals, accumulated in your hair & scalp over the years due to usage of sulphate shampoos, are being washed away. Once these chemicals are washed out by Hedonista Argan shampoo, you will start seeing results like never before with your hair becoming visibly healthy. We recommend not using any other shampoos during this time for maximum effect.

How to Use Hedonista Argan Shampoo

Hedonista Ritual

  1. Lather after wetting your hair.
  2. Rinse and follow up with Hedonista Argan Conditioner & Hedonista Hair Finalé.

Ingredients in Hedonista Argan Shampoo

Aqua, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Sodium Cocoyl Isoethanoate, Deacyl Glucoside, Guar gum, Essential oils of cypress & patchouli, Argan oil, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric acid, Sodium Gluconate.

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Price of Hedonista Argan Shampoo

₹ 1320.00 for 300 mL in India

This brand isn’t available in USA, Canada, Europe or Australia yet. I am sure if they continue the good work, they will surely gain overseas demand.

Hedonista Argan Shampoo Review Ingredients Price

In Detail Hedonista Argan Shampoo Review, Swatches and My Experience

The Hedonista shampoo comes in a rather attractive olive green coloured sturdy plastic bottle. I love how the design on the label looks so elegant and speaks India. So authentic, I totally love how thoughtfully they have designed the packaging. The back label has all the details about the product including a detailed ingredient list. When you open the screw cap, there is a unique dispenser. You have to pull the centre part to dispense the product and then you can put it back when you’re done. This keeps the product completely leak proof inside the bottle. Hence, the packaging is quite safe to travel with.

Hedonista Argan shampoo looks like a milky translucent product. The shampoo smells absolutely amazing! I cannot really put a finger on what this smells like. Most probably this smell can be attributed to one of the essential oils it contains because this shampoo has no added fragrance. Well, whatever it is, the smell is really nice. Shampoo has a moderate creamy consistency. It is very easy to work the shampoo in the hair because of its amazing consistency.

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How I Use it

I need 2 coin sized amount of the shampoo to work through my 4 inches beyond navel length hair. It lathers easily. The lather is enough to work through my scalp and entire length of hair. I gentle massage my scalp while shampooing for 2 minutes. After this, I wash off the shampoo properly with normal temperature water. Please make sure to wash off the shampoo completely and wash your hair thoroughly with lots of water. I follow this up with Hedonista Argan Conditioner.


The shampoo cleans my hair really nicely. It leaves no traces of dirt or oils. At the same time, it does not make my hair feel very dry. In fact, I love how my hair looks and feels healthy and has a natural bounce. It makes my hair soft and adds a natural volume. My hair does not feel super silky and slippery because this has no silicones in it. But I just love how the texture of my hair seems to be improving. The best and the most important part, this gives me absolutely no hair fall. In fact, this has helped me almost stop my hair fall. I hardly see one or two strands of hair on the bathroom floor when I wash my hair with this. I mean, this shampoo is undoubtedly one of the best shampoos that I have ever tried and I am thinking of gifting this to my mother in law as well.

Overall Verdict

Though this shampoo is costly in comparison to other shampoos in the market, it has honestly proved to be one of the best shampoos for my hair. It is free of sulphates, silicones, parabens, palm oil, phthalates, PEGs, formaldehyde, amines, PEGs and petroleum derivatives. So this basically is one of the most natural shampoo formulations currently available in the Indian market. No wonder, this has been giving me amazing results. I can’t believe how this shampoo is actually improving the texture of my hair and making it naturally more beautiful. Did I mention, that my hair has been growing faster since I have started using this? May be its because my hair is not subjected to any harmful chemicals now and is given a clean natural environment to thrive. I have already purchased a backup because I do not think I am going to replace this for a long time. Do share your experiences with us in the comments below, if you have tried this shampoo as well.

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PROs of Hedonista Argan Shampoo

1. Packaging is user friendly as well as travel friendly.
2. Smells really nice.
3. Shampoo is easy to work through hair and creates nice lather.
4. Cleans the hair very well as well as does not dry it out.
5. Makes my hair soft as well as adds a natural shine & bounce.
6. Has helped me stop my hair fall.
7. My hair health has been improving at a noticeable rate.
8. Absolutely no harmful chemicals added in the shampoo. It is free of sulphates, silicones, parabens, palm oil, phthalates, PEGs, formaldehyde, amines, PEGs and petroleum derivatives.
9. I think this shampoo has really worked well for my hair and I would continue purchasing it.

CONs of Hedonista Argan Shampoo

1. Takes time (Around 2 weeks) to show visible results. You have to be consistent to see the positive change.
2. Hedonista isn’t freely available everywhere.

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MBF Advises

1. If you’re experiencing rough, damaged hair or hair fall problems, try switching your shampoo to something which is more natural and has very few to zero chemicals. Specially try sulphate free as well as silicon free shampoos and use them for a while to see differences.
2. I think, ladies in some places can get their hands on sample sizes of this shampoo. Because if I am right, Hedonista has salons in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Chennai.
3. Always use a little bit of shampoo at first and do a patch test on your skin to see the safety of products. Some products may behave differently for different people. This shampoo works absolutely amazing for me, and I hope this works great for you as well.
4. There is a combo pack of this shampoo and the matching conditioner available for 1999/- so you can save around 600/- if you wish to purchase the shampoo as well as conditioner.

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