Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review

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Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatches Price Shades Shell IndiaLakme is probably the oldest surviving makeup brand in India which is still going very strong with its amazing range of quality products and frequent new launches. We all have makeup from Lakme on our vanity table and some products are our HG. When I bought this foundation one day, mum noticed and said “this used to be the only foundation we would see. We never had to say Lakme. Foundations used to come only from Lakme. Lakme used to be the best quality brand when I was your age”. Well I have to say that Lakme indeed is among the top selling makeup brands in India selling some of the best quality makeup. Let us get to know more about this foundation from Lakme which has been in the market for over decades.

Claims for Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Sport a dazzling glow, wherever you go, say the Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation.
An integral part of your face makeup, this liquid based foundation spreads evenly to cover spots, blemishes, dark circles and patchy skin tone.
It is formulated to be water resistant, smudge free and long lasting.
The Vitamin E and silicones enrich the skin rejuvenating, replenishing and nourishing it on application.
This foundation is available in a small bottle that’s easy to carry.
Get that instant perfection right away!
Vitamin E
Water Resistant


Complete list not mentioned on the product or their website.

Vitamin E, Silicones, Cetearyl Octanoate, Cyclomethicone. (All I could find out)

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatches Ingredients Price Shades Shell India

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Shades Available


Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review India

How to use product

Apply tiny dots all over the face & neck area & blend thoroughly.


Rs 135/- for 27 ml

In Detail Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review and My Experience

I have read mixed reviews about this foundation on the internet. I was really curious to find out why do people have so many different opinions about the same product. I love to investigate and research a little bit so I used this foundation for around 2 months before reviewing it today.

This product has more or less retained its packaging from ages. It comes in a little glass bottle with a maroon coloured screw cap on top. The mouth of the bottle does not have any nozzle or pump. We simply need to pour the foundation out of the bottle when we need it. Got to be very careful about the quantity since it is on the runny side. Before use we really have to shake the bottle since sometimes the contents look like they have slightly separated although it is a recently bought product. I tried asking a SA at my beauty supply store and she said this foundation does tend to separate out and that we need to shake it well before use.

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatch Price Shades Shell India

It has a rather typical cosmetics smell. Not very strong though. Consistency wise, as I mentioned this is more or less pretty much on the runny side. The texture is smooth. What I really like is the fact that this foundation does not feel very oily on my skin.

How I Use it

I usually take the required amount on my hand somewhere around a couple of pea sized drops. I blend it using my foundation brush or beauty blender. I use the brush more than the beauty blender.


This foundation gives a very sheer to slightly moderate coverage. If I try to build up the coverage, it starts looking cakey. So that is something we all should be careful about while using this foundation. We need to use it in the right amount or it does not look very good. On the other side, when this is used properly, it does give a pretty even finish on the face. It hides light and slight blemishes. Does not make the face look very oily, not does it make the skin look very matte.

Another important aspect while buying this foundation is the shade selection. Although there are only 4 shades available in the market, I would advice you ladies to test out the shades before buying. For very fair skin ladies, the shade pearl would be good. But for ladies with my skin tone, the shade “Shell” would be a good choice. Shell is actually one of those shades which would work well with almost all Indian skin tones.

The foundation holds good on my skin for approximately 2-3 hours. It does need frequent touch ups with a loose powder since it is a sheer foundation. It never caused any skin irritation or broke me out. It is quite moisturising as well may be due to the presence of Vitamin E. However, for the ladies with dry skin type, use of a moisturiser underneath is recommended.

Thus basically, this foundation is actually an amazing budget friendly choice for ladies looking for sheer coverage foundation with not so long staying power. Of course I would not recommend this for any occasion of festive makeup, I do think this is a pretty great option as a daily wear foundation. I want to compare it to tinted moisturisers like our BB cream and CC cream, but let us just separate it from that category since it does call itself a Foundation. Because of its sheer coverage, I guess 4 shades are enough since a shade which is near to your skin tone, when blended properly looks quite alright.


Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatches Shades Shell India

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatches Price Shades Shell

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatches Price Shades India

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review Swatches Shell India

PROs of Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

1. Transparent glass packaging, however not very safe for travelling.
2. Gives sheer to slightly moderate coverage when used in the right amount.
3. Feels light on the skin, not too oily neither too dry or matte. Gives a semi dewy finish.
4. Contains Vitamin E and is slightly moisturising so oily skin beauties may not need to use a separate moisturiser although they would need frequent touch ups with a compact or loose powder.
5. Gives a evened out finish and hides minor blemishes.
6. Does not break me out or cause any skin irritation.
7. Good for daily use.
8. Economical.

CONs of Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

1. Contains silicones. So if you are someone who is sensitive to silicones, make sure to try it out on a little portion of skin before using it.
2. Complete ingredient list is no where to be found.
3. Limited number of shades.
4. Limited stay time.
5. Glass bottle may break, also the plain bottle package is quite outdated.

MBF Advices

I know there are people who say that this foundation looks cakey on the skin. But according to me, when used in the right amount and blended well, it is a pretty amazing product. Of course if we apply more than the required amount or do not blend well, it does look a little weird. We must keep in mind that this is a sheer coverage foundation, so if we try to make it work more than it is supposed to or in other words if we try to achieve a full coverage, this might start looking cakey. So always use this in small amounts and blend really well.

MBF Rating


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  1. I think most of us have used this foundation at point or the other. You are correct, we just need to take the right amount and blend it 🙂 Lovely review..

  2. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation is perfect for beginners and good daily wear foundation 🙂 I was lover of this foundation during my college day 🙂


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