The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask Review

The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask Review: Hey guys, we are talking K-beauty today. Sheet masks are a trend in 2018 and all of us know why. They are quick, mess free and affordable. Some of them show great results while other may not prove so impressive. But nevertheless you don’t regret because of the goodness of lots of serum soaks into the skin via sheet masks. Today, we are talking about peony sheet mask from The Face Shop.

The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask Review

About The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask

  • The mask sheet drenched in a smooth serum with oil with the vibrant life energy of Peony provides skin with illuminating radiance.
  • Formula is without added parabens.

How to Use The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask

  1. Unfold the mask and carefully place it on your freshly cleansed face, avoiding the eye and mouth contours.
  2. Remove after 10-12 minutes and tap gently on skin until the serum is completely absorbed.

Ingredients in The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask

Water/eau • dipropylene glycol • glycerin • paeonia albiflora root extract • alcohol denat. • sorbitol • macadamia ternifolia seed oil • panthenol • propanediol • betaine • citrus paradisi (grapefruit) fruit extract • allantoin • dipotassium glycyrrhizate • xanthan gum • magnesium aluminum silicate • peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil • carbomer • ethylhexylglycerin • potassium hydroxide • caprylhydroxamic acid • parfum/fragrance

Price of The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask

₩ 1000.00 for 20 g in Korea
RM 4.90 for 20 g in Malaysia
S$ 3.00 for 20 g in Singapore
$ 2.00 for 0.70 oz in USA
£ 2.00 for 20 g in UK (approx)
C$ 3.00 for 20 g in Canada
₹ 100.00 for 20 g in India

In Detail The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask Review and My Experience

The Face Shop has sheet masks with all such great elements and peony is one of them. Peonies are known for their moisturising and softening properties for the skin. Also, they have some anti inflammatory action.

This sheet mask comes in the same packaging like all their other “real nature” masks. The packaging is nice. The best part is, you can carry a few of them in your purse wherever you go.

You don’t really need a pair of scissors if you know the trick to tear the packet along the indentations on the edges near the top. Once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t need a tool. Inside the sheet mask is properly folded and completely soaking in this amazing rich serum. Smells super amazingly fresh and floral.

The serum has this beautiful smooth and silky texture. Its not too runny, neither thick. Totally hitting the mark of perfection in terms of consistency. Although the mask is super saturated with this serum, still some serum stays left behind in the packet once you remove the mask. I actually use this serum later, just as a light moisturiser.

How I Use it

I always make sure my face is cleansed and toned before using any sort of face mask. So I put the sheet on my face as instructed on my face and leave it till it dries. It usually takes about 15 minutes till it dries up satisfactorily. After that, I pull off the mask and gently massage my face so that the serum gets soaked in properly.


Firstly, this smells great. Secondly, it is very hydrating. If you are facing dull and dry skin issues, this will definitely give a boost to your skin cells. Because it hydrates the skin so well, skin appears naturally nourished and plumped. This is the reason there is an apparent brightening effect on the skin.

Also, the skin feels softer because of the ample moisturising action. Other than these, I don’t notice any other effects.

On the downside, these effects are not long lasting. On my combination skin, the effects last for only about a day. Therefore, I’d suggest using this a couple of hours before putting on makeup so that the skin is properly hydrated and there are no dry patches.

Overall Verdict

I reckon this mask as something I’d love to use in a pamper session. Watching a movie at home? Just put on the mask and let the skin drink all that goodness. Also, in extremes of weathers, when the skin loses some moisture, this mask can come to rescue. I feel all skin types would enjoy using this. Specially dry, dry to normal, normal as well as combination skin type girls. For oily skin, this would definitely help sooth and calm the skin.

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PROs of The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask

1. Simple, light, travel friendly packaging.
2. One time use and throw mask, can be carried along during short trips.
3. Very hydrating.
4. Makes the skin feel softer and plumper.
5. Nourished skin looks brighter.
6. Affordable.
7. The face shop masks often have good deals on them, so you can end up getting them at almost 50% off.

CONs of The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask Review

1. Effects are not long lasting.
2. Contains alcohol, silicon as well as added perfume. So that lovely smell is because of the perfume and not the natural aroma of the peony flowers.

MBF Advises

1. Put the mask in refrigerator for sometime before putting it on for an added cooling effect.
2. Apply any kind of face mask on cleansed skin so that it can deliver maximum effects.
3. Fold the mask and throw after one time use, do not use it again.
4. Some amount of serum stays behind in the packet. If you wish to use this, you can apply this as a serum on a cleansed face later. Or you can just apply it before bed at night. It definitely hydrates and soften the skin to an extent.

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