Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review

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Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review: Hello Beauties, Today I am back with another new launch, a skincare product from Lakme – from their Sun Expert range called as Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Face Scrub. Lakme has recently added some new product’s in their Sun Expert range. This scrub, tinted sunscreen and also a cream.

Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review

I got this face scrub as I love exfoliating my skin. Because I have textured skin, I never forget exfoliating my face. As a result I love to try different scrubs from various brands. I am using this Lakme de tan scrub from 2 weeks now.

Though I am not suffering from tanning as haven’t stepped out of my house because of this lockdown, but I love using this scrub. To know why? Keep reading my views I have elaborated below.

Lakme Sun Expert Gentle Exfoliating De Tan Face Scrub

Sun exposure making your skin look tanned and dull? Revive your skin’s glow with LSE De-Tan Scrub. Formulated with Oatmeal extract, 100% Natural walnut exfoliant, it helps in deep cleansing pores, removed dirt, pollution and reduces tan while being gentle on skin.

The dual-purpose formula can be used as a scrub also left on skin as a mask leaving skin looking & feeling soft and bright. Regular usage will leave your skin refreshed and glowing. It is dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.

Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review details

How To Use Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub

Step 1: Moisten face with water dispense product in on to fingertips and massage over face in circular motion for 3-4 mins.
Step 2: Rinse off with water. If the product is being used as a mask, leave for 5-7 mins.
Step 3: Gently massage and rinse off with water.

Ingredients in Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub

Not mentioned anywhere on the website. But the ingredient list is mentioned on the packaging.

Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review

Price of Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub

₹145.00 for 50 g

In Detail Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review, Swatches and My Experience

Lakme De Tan Face Scrub comes packed in a dark yellow color, small size tube. This scrub is available in only 50 gram size and no other bigger size options. It has all the information regarding the face scrub printed on the front and back of the tube.

It has a twist open cap and not the flip one. Personally I prefer flip open caps rather than these, which kinds of always get misplaced by me. It has a small opening at the top which dispenses the amount of product we need. It does not lead to wastage of the scrub.

The scrub packaging is nice and tiny and can be carried along easily without any problem and also it does not require lot of space.

The smell of the scrub is fruity and is not very over powering hence my sensitive nose can bear the smell of this.

This face scrub has a creamy consistency and glides on my face smoothly. It has very small granules in it which are sparse and hence the scrub is very gentle on skin and not really abrasive.

It can be used by all skin type beauties without any worry. Also, acne prone skin people too can use it without any worry as it is very gentle and will not irritate their active acne.

How I Use It

I don’t suffer from tan but still I love using this scrub thrice a week. I take a coin size amount of this scrub onto my palms and wet my face and neck with Luke warm water and start massaging it onto my face as well as neck.

Always apply your skincare products on your neck as your neck is as important to be taken care of like your face. I massage this scrub for about 2 minutes minimum by spraying rose water if needed and than wash it off with normal tap water.


The scrub comes off easily with 2 to 3 splashes and leaves my skin feeling smooth, fresh and bright. It does makes my skin look more brighter and one tone lighter.

However, the effect does not last a long time. It does not work on blackheads or whiteheads but it does helps to scrub off dirt, remove dead skin and makes skin very smooth to touch.

The scrub comes in a very small 50 ml tube and will not last you longer.

Overall, all skin type ladies can try it. It is a nice mild scrub which will give good results but not for long. So this would nicely remove mild tan slowly, but I wonder if this can remove stubborn tan from the skin.

More Photos, Swatches

Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review MBF
Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review open
Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review swatches

Pros Of Lakme Sun Expert Gentle Exfoliating De Tan Face Scrub

  1. Good packaging.
  2. Travel Friendly
  3. Smells Fruity
  4. Gentle Scrub
  5. Helps in removing dead skin.
  6. Smoothens skin.
  7. Every skintype people can use it.
  8. Provides brighter skin.
  9. May help in removing tan if used 3 to 4 times a weeks.
  10. Availability

Cons Of Lakme Sun Expert Gentle Exfoliating De Tan Face Scrub

  1. Results are temporary.
  2. 50 gram tube might not last long of used regularly.

MBF Advises

If you are suffering from tanning I would suggest you to try this scrub once, as it is gentle and effective in removing tan. I will also suggest to use a good homemade face mask after using this scrub made up of Curd, lemon and turmeric to remove the intense tanning.

Also wear a good spf 50 sunscreen whenever going out whether it is day or evening.

MBF Rating


2 thoughts on “Lakme Sun Expert De Tan Scrub Review”

  1. I have used this face scrub, but to me, it didn’t work out. It helps to remove dead skin cells but tan removing was not there.
    My skin felt soft after using it, I can even see the glow but tan removing can be worked by using a face mask.

  2. Its a great product, once used and had immensely magical results but could not use it for a long time as I am more of a herbal beauty products fan, but the product did help me in eliminating tanning from skin.


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