neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner Review

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neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner Review: Hey guys, so let’s talk about a face toner. I have talked about a few products from neoVeda before and so far I really enjoy using their products. Toner is a part of everyone’s daily skin care routine and finding the perfect one is surely a dream (did I just rhyme?).

neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner Review

Claims for neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner

Enriched with damascena rose, the toner hydrates, softens skin and stimulates circulation, boosts tired and dull skin.
When used skin looks and feels smoother and firmer.

How to Use neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner

Gently spray on skin or wipe it with cotton pad dipped in toner.
This delicate floral water is an excellent base for creams, scrubs and packs and oils.

Ingredients in neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner

Aqua, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Rosa Damascena Extract, Propanediol, Chlorphenesin, Benzyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Sodium Gluconate, Citric Acid & CI: 17200.

Price of neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner

$6.75 for 200 mL in USA
₹450.00 for 200 mL in India

In Detail neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner Review and My Experience

The neoVeda rose toner comes in a tall amber colour plastic bottle with a spray nozzle on the top. Their website mentions that this product may get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight and air. Hence, the amber colour bottle ensures minimal light entry into the bottle. Like all the neoveda products, the packaging here too has a very royal-retro vibes.

neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner Review MBF

It has a nice smell of roses. Looks and feels exactly like water. I have to appreciate the spray quality of the spray pump. It dispenses just the right amount of spray in a mist form so that it is easy to apply evenly without drenching the skin in one particular area.

I have been using this for quite a while now. If you have been a regular at MBF Blog, you know that I love roses and rose water toners are a regular for me. So after washing my face, I use this toner. I usually spray it on my face and let it air dry before applying my serums and creams.

First, it actually makes my skin feel really soft. I am pretty positive that this effect is due to the presence of glycerin in it. This toner also has a tiny bit of hydrating property due to the propanediol in it. Also, it effectively prevents minor breakouts on my skin as well. Like I don’t get those tiny white pin head zits which I used to get sometimes mostly in humid seasons.

I mostly store this in my fridge and during the day sometimes I spray it on my facial skin. Because it really refreshes my skin and makes me feel good. Hence, this can also be used as a facial mist or a refresher and so far I have been loving using it this way.

neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner Review MBF Blog

I think overall this is a really good rose toner option if you’re looking for something similar. I don’t think this would target any major skin issues. But otherwise, for daily use this is quite nice. It does the job, makes skin softer and hydrates a little bit. Besides toner, you can also use it as a facial mist or refresher.

PROs of neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner

  1. The dispenser creates this fine mist while spraying, so its gentle and spreads evenly on the face and won’t mess with your makeup.
  2. Smells really nice. ( I like rose scents)
  3. Softens and hydrates the skin as it claims.
  4. Really good as a facial mist.
  5. Can be used before makeup just to give the skin a little extra hydration boost.
  6. Can also be used to freshen up the makeup.
  7. Not very expensive.
  8. Has 97% ingredients of natural origin. (Love the fact that the brand is very honest about everything that’s put into their products.)

CONs of neoVeda Face Soft Rose Damascena Toner

  1. Does not target any specific skin concerns.
  2. Contains alcohol and fragrances if that’s something you’d like to know.

MBF Advises

  1. Keep it in the fridge and enjoy the lovely cool breeze of fresh rosy mist when you spray it on the face.
  2. Do not skip your moisturiser because this is essentially a toner. This is hydrating but do not replace your regular moisturiser with this.

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